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about Clear Choice uk : the history

John Warberg from Idaho USA a leader in natural bioremediation and with 8 years prior knowledge in the bioremediation industry developed the Clear Choice spa water treatment system over 12 years ago.

John like many of us was disturbed by the issues inherent in chemical spa water treatment. He understood the innate ability of a natural body of water to continually cleanse itself. John set out to emulate nature, a system that has been proven for millions of years. 0He spent two years improving and developing the system, and after his friends and business associates had used it for about a year with great results, the water treatment product was ready to be used on a wider scale.

Since then it has been sold for over 10 years in the USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. John's previous bioremediation successes to replace toxic chemicals in other industires include medical, dental, food processing, agriculture, wastewater, meat packing and aquaculture.

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