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the Clear Choice System : 4 Easy Steps

Step 1: Clear Choice Spa Prep:0This is added to the existing water and left in for at least 5 days.0 It cleans out the spa and plumbing to remove the unwanted chemical, organic, metal and mineral buildup in your spa or hot tub.

If you are starting with a new spa you would fill it with normal tap water and add the Clear Choice Spa Prep and leave for 5 days.

During this process you may experience excess foaming and cloudy water while the Clear Choice Spa Prep cleans out the system.0 The spa can still be used but do not add any foam control and rinse out your filters daily.

If you are going away during the 5 day purge period remove the spa filters. 0000000 0 0 000000000 0 0000000 0 0

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