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Thank you thank you Clear Choice I now can use my hot tub without any fear of rashes or skin outbreaks.

Until Clear Choice became available I could not use my hot tub due to irritating chemicals, Bromine and Chlorine caused nightmare rashes and wheezing chests.

Hooray for Clear choice no need for any chemicals, no more skin rashes and no more wheezing.

With the added bonus of clear beautiful inviting clean water and peace of mind, a truly relaxing experience.

Mrs Betty V

Plymouth Devon


In the summer of 2006 we changed to Clear Choice and threw away all our chemicals.

Our Sundance Spa instantly became a friendlier environment. No more chemical smells, dry skin or rashes; just clean and sparkling water.

We recently returned home after an absence of more than three months.  During this time the spa received no maintenance other than the automatic cleaning cycle. The water was as sweet and fresh as the day we left!

Running costs are at least comparable to chemicals but the saving on time and nervous energy is almost beyond price.

As our American cousins say it is a no brainer.

Mr A. Forrester


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