Hot Tub Water Treatment
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Hot Tub Water Treatment

Chemical Free Spa & Hot Tub Water Treatment from Clear Choice UK

...100% Chemical Free All Natural Enzyme Based Non Toxic Hypoallergenic Water Treatment for your Spa and Hot Tub.

the products:

Clear Choice Start-up Kit: This kit contains all you will need to maintain your spa for 8 to 12 months. 0The kit consists of: 1 x Clear Choice Spa Prep, 1 x Clear Choice Spa Filter, 1 x Clear Choice Spa Water Treatment & 1 x Clear Choice Fine Micron Boot.

Introductory Offer £99.00

Clear Choice Spa Prep: This is added to the existing water and left in for at least 5 days.0 It cleans out the spa and plumbing to remove the unwanted chemical, organic, metal and mineral buildup in your spa or hot tub.


Clear Choice Spa Pre Filter: This removes unwanted heavy metals and minerals, balances the water and keeps the healthy bacteria in you spa.


Clear Choice Spa Water Treatment: For an average sized spa add 35 drops of the water treatment per week.0 This contains natural soaps which break down organic waste to a smaller size to allow faster natural oxidation.0 It also contains a special nutrient food source which sustains healthy bacteria.0 The final ingredient is a blend of enzymes and coenzymes that rapidly start natural oxidation and self purification of your spa water.


Clear Choice Fine Micron Boot: To enhance your filtration system we have a fine micron boot which attaches to the intake grill in the spa foot well.0 You may have more than one but it is advisable to cover at least one of the intake grills.




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