Here are some comments from our recent customers.

We've had a tub for 3 years now with standard market chemicals and, like many of us, I've never liked the smell of chlorine. I'd been hoping to find something like this but I was naturally sceptical if it would actually work... 9 months of use I'm so happy to say it really does! I can't quite believe it but Mother-nature knows best and I think this is a must try, must use product if you have a tub or pool at home. It is great to be in nature outdoors in natural water without chemicals and feel like you're in the mountains. Well done"

T Chambers

We have been using Clear Choice for just over 3 years now and we would highly recommend it. When we first got our hot tub we used the normal chemicals, Chlorine etc and in addition to being slightly concerned about sitting in chemicals 2 or 3 times per week, I got an adverse reaction one night with my throat swelling up. We thought we would have to sell but then saw the information for Clear Choice on the web. Richard, who runs the UK office, was so helpful answering our questions and we still call him now if we have any queries. The water appears much softer and you know there is nothing but natural stuff in the tub! By only putting 12 drops of clear choice in the tub each week it is so clear, crystal clear. We only change the water once a year and that's just an annual thing as opposed to the water needing to be changed.
After 3 years of owning our tub, we booked a service but the engineer said there was nothing he needed to do - he had never seen components so clean; all down to the natural enzymes.
The yearly water change is also easy - we put the pre prep in 5 days before (only needs to be 1 day but we leave it in for the maximum); you can still use the tub during this time, empty and refill
We will continue to use clear choice and are keen for other people and hot tub manufactures to start using it as its safer for the users of the tub and for when you have to empty the water - it can flow into streams etc due to it being natural enzymes.

Julie F

I love the Clear Choice mineral cleaning system - it leaves the skin so silky smooth and without the usual nasty chemical smell from conventional cleaning products. I also find the system simpler to use - once the water is set up, it merely requires regular filter-cleaning (buy 2 filter sleeves so you can chuck one on the washing machine when you change them over) and the mineral drops. Far easier than testing the PH level.

I used my hot tub during pregnancy which was a great relief when my bump got big - just make sure to keep the water temperature below 37 degrees. When my daughter was a baby, I also took her in the hot tub with me (also at less than body temperature) and she has always loved the water - she is now a confident swimmer and I think much of that is to do with her being in the water as a baby :-)


I am loving the Clear Choice treatment for my spa. It is a bit over 2 months now and no chlorine irritation.

Ian W

We have been using your system for about a year now with ZERO issues, just clean fresh smelling water!


It is a great water treatment and we are very happy with it.


We wouldn't dream of using anything other than Clear Choice in our tub now that we have tried it - far better than chemicals and there is no other product that comes near in our opinion.

Steve B

Thank you thank you Clear Choice I now can use my hot tub without any fear of rashes or skin outbreaks. Until Clear Choice became available I could not use my hot tub due to irritating chemicals, Bromine and Chlorine caused nightmare rashes and wheezing chests. Hooray for Clear choice no need for any chemicals, no more skin rashes and no more wheezing. With the added bonus of clear beautiful inviting clean water and peace of mind, a truly relaxing experience.

Mrs Betty V, Plymouth Devon

In the summer of 2006 we changed to Clear Choice and threw away all our chemicals. Our Sundance Spa instantly became a friendlier environment. No more chemical smells, dry skin or rashes; just clean and sparkling water. We recently returned home after an absence of more than three months. During this time the spa received no maintenance other than the automatic cleaning cycle. The water was as sweet and fresh as the day we left! Running costs are at least comparable to chemicals but the saving on time and nervous energy is almost beyond price. As our American cousins say it is a no brainer.

Mr A. Forrester